How to transfer Whatsapp from iOS to Android Data Recovery Raid Neuson

The purchase of a new smartphone, iOS or Android, and for its WhatsApp users, there is a need to transfer our account.

How to transfer Whatsapp from iOS to Android?
How to transfer Whatsapp from iOS to Android. Data Recovery Raid Neuson

It often happens that our previous conversations do not automatically track our account during the process, and eventually, we lose some information.

Fortunately - downloading, backing up, and restoring the application have been simplified with dr.fone: downloading WhatsApp and restoring messages from iOS and Android.

Transfer WhatsApp history effortlessly.

Without a doubt, it is no longer relevant if you have more than one device or want to change from an old device to a new one.

However, we can use this program to transfer WhatsApp history between iPhone and iPad selectively.

Suppose you are changing your old smartphone with a new one.

For Example:

1.iPhone to Android
2. Android to iPhone

dr.fone can also help transfer conversations from the iPhone / iPad social application to Android or Android to the new iPhone / iPad.

You can download any desired item, including attachments.

But how to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone / Android?

While WhatsApp contains suitable solutions for transferring conversations through iCloud and Google Drive, it is limited to the same Android or iOS system.

Dr.fone: With its Social Restore feature, you can transfer social media history from iOS to Android or Android to iOS.
How to transfer Whatsapp from iOS to Android  Data Recovery Raid Neuson

Therefore, the operation with Dr.Fone cannot be more straightforward, follow the steps below:

1. Run dr.fone and open the "Restore social application" module;
2. In the left pane, select "Transfer WhatsApp Messages";
3. Now connect both devices to the system. To start the process, click on the "Transfer" button;
4. Then accept the alert messages, since, after this transfer, all existing data will delete on the destination smartphone;
5. The WhatsApp download process will begin.
6. Then we enter the Android device, run WhatsApp, and restore the backup.


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  2. So whats "selective" about this feature if everything gets erased on the receiving phone ? This seems to be a simple backup transfer from android to iphone or vice-versa, not a tool to transfer only "selected" chats.