Top 3 Best Voice Recording Apps For Android

Top 3 Best Voice Recording Apps For Android

Android is simply a bundle of features, that serves innumerable uses. Eventuated with simple regular handsets that were used for just making calls have now evolved into a plethora of functionalities that just makes the OS most popular among any others.

Our Android smartphone has a built-in voice recorder. However, the integrated voice recorders lack some basic features, and some of them are limited to record only calls. So, here in this article, we are going to share some of the best Voice recorder apps for Android 2019.

Top 3 Best Free Voice Recorder Apps For Android
1. Easy Voice Recorder
Easy Voice Recorder is one of the best and top rated Android voice recorder app available on the Google Play Store. Guess what? Thousands of users now use easy Voice Recorder, and it allows users to record audio in the background. That means users can record audio even when the screen is off. If we talk about the file format compatibility, Easy Voice Recorder supports MP3, WAV, AMR, PCM, etc.
2. Smart Recorder
If you are searching for an easy to use voice recorder app for your Android smartphone, then you need to give Smart Recorder a try. Guess what? Smart Recorder is one of the best Android apps that you can use for high-quality and long-time voice recording.

3.  Cogi – Notes & Voice Recorder

There are many apps that claim to record audio, but, Cogi is on an entire different plain. This great phone voice recorder app saves your time, keeps your recording & notes organised. With the support of text notes along with images and whiteboard screen grabs, one can increase productivity and rake in more revenue from their businesses. Even if one is in the middle of a call, they can start recording with a single click.