Being somebody World Health Organization wasn't particular at biology and cleared NEET within the terribly 1st try, I extremely advocate it. The NCERT textbooks and therefore the NCERT at your fingertips book is all you wish to master biology at the NEET level. With the changing pattern, the questions are becoming more and more conceptual and are rarely based on rote learning. Now, you would possibly suppose that determination the queries within the MCQ book could be a waste of your time as you would possibly notice them too simple. Here's some important things you need to follow :

Don't jump to determination the queries now when you've got scan a chapter within the NCERT textbook. You might notice it terribly simple and may not pay loads of attention whereas determination queries. Try highlight details in your NCERT textbook and have color codes for vital, very important and relatively less important stuff. After you're done reading the text, go through the highlighted stuff once again.

You don't need to solve MCQs everyday. Try determination them double or thrice per week counting on however smart your memory is. So for instance, let's assume you read a chapter on Monday in the NCERT textbook. Don't jump to solving questions immediately. Try reading the chapter totally and skim the highlighted stuff once more. Now look forward to some of days and, say, on Wednesday, just take the NCERT at your fingertips out, read the short notes given at the beginning of the chapter and find to determination issues with a timer to record some time. This helps in each time management and checking what quantity you keep. Never tick the correct option in any Objective books as you might need to solve the same questions again.

In the finish i would just say that it is a good selection of associate objective book. Try reading the additional stuff given at the rear if you would like to understand additional. The most important benefit of the book is that it helps you memorise the NCERT biology text by putting up questions from almost every paragraph. It's better to solve the MCQs and read the text alternately than just reading the text again and again.

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